Understand what you are signing

Ryan Jenkins
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Keep it simple!

"So, one of my agents comes to me to me the other day and asked me to review a contract that she got on one of her listings and she said, "I don't understand this appraisal provision. Can you read it and see if you can make heads or tales of it?" And I read it and I couldn't understand it either. It was very long and convoluted and I said, "No, I don't understand that. Why don't you go ask the other agent what they meant or what they were intending to accomplish with that provision." So she calls the other agent and ask her, "hey, what are you trying to do here?" and the agent was like, "I don't understand what it means. My managing broker just told me to put it in there." So, we gotta understand the provisions that we're putting into contracts. There's tendency of realtors to write these long convoluted provisions. My litmus test is like a third grade level. It's gotta be super simple. Everybody needs to understand what the provision is trying to accomplish. Don't sign anything you don't understand. Just a thought for you."

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