The strongest offer I've ever seen

Ryan Jenkins

This is a $2,000 gold coin that my clients received as a part of the winning offer on their house.

While bidding wars are much less frequent and intense than they were last year, they still happen when a desirable house is priced right. The other agent that my clients interviewed to potentially list their house priced it $100,000 HIGHER than I recommended. I knew a buyer might pay that price eventually, but it would take time, and the chance for it appraising that high was near zero. Also, my clients had another home under contract and a couple little kids, so prolonged showings due to a premium list price didn’t seem like the right move. We needed certainty.

Pricing the home lower allowed us to get multiple offers without appraisal contingencies in the first 3 days. And about $85,000 more than we listed for.

The winning buyers deposited $50,000 in non refundable earnest money. So that if even if the house didn’t appraise, even if the inspection revealed major issues, they would lose $50k if they didn’t close.

How’s that for certainty? In almost 20 years of doing this it’s the strongest offer I’ve ever seen. And the coin was the icing on the cake.

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